Jawaban aku ini, asking for attention, checking someone, checking understanding, sama giving appreciationnya, digabung jadi satu dalam sebuah tema yaa.

Amirah : "Hy friends! What do you think about my basketball team? Do you know what I mean?"
Briesha : "Hello Amirah. Yes, i know what you mean. I think your basket team is good."
Cherry : "Hi Amirah! I think your basketball team is compact. I tought your team is going to basketball competition. It was on Kompleks Gelora Senayan. Right?"
Amirah : "Yes you right Cherry. I hope that you will be supported."
Briesha & Cherry : "Good luck to your team Amirah. to be number one and being the pride of our school."
Amirah : "Thank you for support me."
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1.) A ; We will make a some food. it's like a cookies. Can you understand what i say? What did i say?
     B ; ya, Iam understand we will make a food like a cookies.

2.) A: everybody, May i have your attention, please?
     b; yes, sir

3.) A; i was amazed on the show last night!
     b: ya, thank you very much