Jawaban paling cerdas!
First of all, I would like to bring you all to express our gratitude to God Almighty; God who always gives us affection, mercy, protection, and prosperity; God who never sleeps but always watches His servants; Allah SWT; who has bestowed on us for the opportunity and health, so that we can attend in English Speech Contest today. And the best regards are always headed for our best prophet, Muhammad SAW, who had been through a hard struggle to defend Allah’s religion in this world. He brings significant change to human civilization from the darkness to the new world order.ProclamationWe, the Indonesian Nation, hereby declare Indonesian’s Independence. Problem pertaining to the transfer of power and other matters will be dealt within the correct manner and in the shortest possible time.
kalo bsa pidatonya jgn yg ada allah swt nya,,soalnya aku bkn a.islam.
maaf klo bnyk koment
tinggal diganti ajah. aku jg bukan islam, tapi kan banyakyang islam jadi kusisipi itu xixi
owh oke deh.. thx udh ksih jwban