1. did the fisherman like asking the fish for wishes? how did he feel
about it ? do you think he could have done something else instead of
going back to the fish again and again ?

2. the story doesn't reveal how the prince was turned into a fish. what do you think might heve happened ?

3. do you think the prince will stay fish forever ?

4. what happened at the fisherman's wife keep asking her husband to go back to the fish ?

6. what do you thing of fisherman'n wife ? do you feek sorry for her? or do you feel angry with her ? discuss

7. if you had a chance to rewrite the story end ? write your ending of the story.

8. imagine you are the fish in the story . can you narrate the story from his point of view ?

9. what lesson did you learn from this story ?




Ini adalah Jawaban Tersertifikasi

Jawaban tersertifikasi mengandung isi yang handal, dapat dipercaya, dan direkomendasikan secara seksama oleh tim yang ekspert di bidangnya. Brainly memiliki jutaan jawaban dengan kualitas tinggi, semuanya dimoderasi oleh komunitas yang dapat dipercaya, meski demikian jawaban tersertifikasi adalah yang terbaik dari yang terbaik.
Pr ku yang kemarin nih hehe.
1. yes, he did. the fisherman like asking the fish for wishes. he felt bad for fish but his wife always facing him. According to the text, the fisherman didn't like to asking the fish for wishes, he did it with heavy heart, I think the fisherman will stand in go back to the fish as long his wife ask him.

2. in my opinion the prince can be a fish beause he was cursed by god but he given a skill to great a plea

3. I think the fish will change back to be a prince if the can grant 3 plea.

4. on the end of the story the fisherman's wife asked on impossible whites then she ordered the fisherman asked to the fish again the fisherman suprised with her wishes but his wife stayed order to him go to the fish but in his line the fisherman saw many dessesters, when he asked to the fish he ordered go home in the little hut.

5. cause the fisherman's wife never statiesfied with that she accept

6. I think she has very gready. I feel sorry for her because she can't of something that she already has

7. no,because I agree about ending this story

8. If I the fish, I wont make their plea it happen

9. don't be gready, we must be great full with we already has
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