We would like to invite you as a participant for a flag ceremony in order to celebrate the Independence Day Of Indonesia
   Day / Date   : Monday / 18th of August 2014
   Location      : Lapangan Tugu Monas - Jakarta
   Time           : 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
When the flag ceremony is over, the celebration will be continued with a festival of Indonesian modern dances from 34 provinces in Indonesia, it is our pleasure if you can join us in this competition.
This is our invitation that we can make, and we will be so proud if you can come to this celebration. Please send email to indonesiamerdeka@yahoo.co.id to give confirmation of your attendance.
Thank You

Tidak Resmi
Come to my sweet seventeenth party. It will be held on
  Date    : 20th of June 2014
   Time   :  7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
   Location : Havana Cafe - Jln. Sudirman no 3
It will be my happiness if you can come and join me. Don't have to bring any gift, Things that I want the most are your attendance. Thank You!
oh iya. ada ralat sedikit. itu di undangan yang resmi, saya ada salah ketik. seharusnya "Celebration" bukan "competition". itu ada di paragraf yang setelah perincian waktu dan tanggalnya ya.