A : Hey dude, you look so different today. I mean, it seems like you have a problem. You can tell me. Perhaps, I can give some advices.
B : Yesterday I join a singing competition, I was so proud with my voice when I performed in front of the judge. I thought that maybe I would win the competition, but I was shocked because actually I didn't win. I was so disappointed.
A : It's okay. It's just a competition. You we're not so lucky yesterday. But I believe you can win another competition later, because you have a good voice.
B : Really?
A : Yes
B : Oh, Thank you so much.
A : Hey
B : Hi
A : Why do you look so sad ?
B : There's nothing
A : Don't lie to me
B : I didn't win the singing competition yesterday.
A : I'm sorry to hear that. Don't be sad. You can try it again next time
B : Thanks