how to make a colase first.draw a picture on the paper.second-cut other paper with some colours into a litte piece after that put the glue on the picture.finally wait until the glue dry then hang colase on the wall


Ingredients:2 plate of White rice3 EggsAn enough Salt3 cloves of Onions2 cloves of Garlic1 stick of LeeksCayenne chiliPepperCooking oilTomato sauceAdd some complementary material which are chicken, sausage, meatballs, and shrimpHow to Make Fried Rice:Prepare a frying pan and pour the cooking oil according to your tasteHeat by using a medium flameAfter the oil is hot, put the onion, garlic, and chiliStir all the materials until fragrant and ripePut the supplementary materials according to your tasteStir until evenly cookedPut the eggs and scrambled until cookedPut the white rice and stir until mixed with all the ingredientsAdd tomato sauce, salt, pepper until all those materials are blendedIf you have smelt a fragrant and your fried rice has already cooked, you have to serve on a plateIn order to make the fried rice looks interesting, you should decorate with the sliced tomatoes and other additional materials as you likeYour delicious fried rice is ready to serve.
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