What do you think of …....?
What are your views?
What is your opinion?
Is it right what I’ve done?
What about ….....?
How about ….....?
What is your opinion?
What do you think of...?
How do you feel about…?
How do you see …?
I’m convinced that ….
I consider that ....
According to the expert, I ….
In my opinion, .…
I think …
I believe …
I feel …
It seems to me ...
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Rana : hy mega ! do you know the hot news in our school
mega : yes i now , about the miminum score is not it ?
rana : yes, exactly . what do you think ?
mega : i think it so high , i belive that is bad idea ..
rana : i don't think so , precisely with the 85 score , we can go into the university easily . with PMDK program .
mega : yes , i know it , but for everyday it so hard..
rana : maybe, it can be the pole for us to be better than yesterday . i hope we can do it . altough it so hard.
mega : ok rana :)