Itu harua di jadiin 1 permasalan atau boleh dibagi2 jadi 2 pokok bahasan ?
itu Inviting sm offering digabung jadi satu dialog
Jawaban paling cerdas!
person 1 : hello guys!
person 2,3,4: hello!, what's up?
person1: I'm just wanna invite you to my birthday party, are you guys free tonight?
person 2: that's sound good, i will come. how bout you person 3?
person3: yes, i will come too, it would be fun!
person 4: I'm sorry guys, i can't join. i must take care of my mom, she was ill
person 1: oh I'm sorry to hear that, hope your mom will get well soon
person 4: thankyou!
person1: urwell, OK guys i mud go now to prepare for the party tonight, see you guys later byee!
person 2,3,4: see you byee!
sorry aku salah nulis itu harusnya MUST bukan MUD hehehe
iya gpp kok :)