The Goose

once a farmer Once a farmer went to the nest of his goose and found there an egg, all yellow and shiny. When he picked it up, it was heavy as a rock. 1 He was about to throw it away because he thought that someone was playing a trick on him. 2 But on second thought, he took it home, and discovered to his delight that it was an egg of pure gold!

He sold the egg for a lot of money. Every morning the goose laid another golden egg, and the farmer soon became rich by selling the eggs.

As he grew rich, he also grew greedy. 6 “Why should I have to wait to get only one egg a day?” he thought. “I will cut open the goose and take all the eggs out of her at once.”

When the goose heard the farmer’s plan, she fl ew away to a nearby farm. So when the farmer came out the next day, do you know what he found in the goose’s nest? 8 Nothing.

Moral: Someone who wants more often loses all. When you want something, be patient. If you ar