1.I am eating rice now
2.i am sweeping the floor
3.he is taking a bath now
4.she is praying now
5.you are waiting for bus now
Dsb... kalimatnya seperti di atas ^
-subject+to be (am,is,are,)+Verb-ing+Object
-Contoh:i am cooking rice now
-subject+to be+not+verb-ing+object
-Contoh:i am not cooking rice now
-to be+subject+verb-ing+object
-Contoh:am i cooking rice?
1. calum and michael are playing a guitar.
2. ashton is playing drum.
3. luke is singing.
4. ariana is dancing.
5. they are sweeping the floor.
6. she is talking about band.
7. i am laughing.
8. justin is writing a song.
9. selena and justin are dating together.
10. dave is watching now you see me movie.
11. he is making a funny face.
12. the students are taking selfies.
13. they are screaming.
14. she is walking.
15. they are playing games.
16. i am drinking a water.
17. i am eating a pizza.
18. she is making a sandwich.
19. we are doing a school assignment.
20. we are listening to musics.