sekolah menengah atas bahasa inggris 27+14 poin
Tolong bantu ya... buatkan percakapan lengkap yang menggunakan expressions posibility ,impossibility
compalaint, suggestion ,accept suggestion and refuse suggestions. besok minggu jadi ya... thanks

dari Kariska44 Kemarin
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Rahayu2tyas Gemar Membantu menjawab 14 jam yang lalu
A: Is there a chance that our soccer team will win the national soccer match?
B: Of course there are. Our team is the best team in town!
C: I think there's very little chance of winning that match. Because Joko isn't here. He's our best player.

Suggestion+Accept&Refuse Suggestion
A: Where can we buy those things for Joko's birthday?
B: Oh, what about that new shop in the mall?
A: Great idea!
C: No, I don't think so. That shop sells expensive things.

Customer service: Good evening, Ma'am. May I help you?
A: Good evening. I bought this phone yesterday. And the charger won't work at all. Can I get a refund?