A : Hi. How's the result of your test?
B : It's good. I get 95.
A : Woah! It is such a high score! You are really smart!
B : Thanks but I'm not that smart because there are still others who get 95 and above. So, how is your test result?
A : It's not good at all. I am embarassed to tell you.
B : Why is it?
A : Because I fail my test.
B : I'm so sorry for that. Are you okay?
A : I'm not really okay because I feel disappointed of myself. I am envy of those students like you who get high scores in the class.
B : Don't be envy of me and others. I know how you feel. It's okay, it's not even the last test. There are still opportunities for you to fix your grades. Cheer up! If you have any problems related to the subjects, maybe I can teach you. Feel free to ask me.
A : Yeah, you are right. It is not even the only test, there are still other tests coming. I will try my best to fix my grades and I will ask you when I encounter problems with the subjects. Thanks!
B : You are very welcome.
semoga bermanfaat :)))
kak ap y artinya ini....bisa d artikan dlm bahasa indonesia
ralat : don't be envious bkn be envy, trs i am envious bkn i am envy hehehe
mau semuanya diartikan yah?
intinya sih tntg seorg teman yg mndapatkan nilai yg rendah atau tdk lulus dlm ulangan. ia mrasa kecewa dgn diriny sndri dan iri dgn tmn" yg mndptkan nilai yg tinggi di kls. lalu tmnnya menghiburnya dan brkata kpdny bhwa ia tdk prlu mrasa iri dgn tmn" yg lain, trmsuk diri tmnny sndri. msih ada ksmpatan utk memperbaiki nilainy krna ini bknlah satu"ny ulangan. trs tmnny jga brkata kpdny bhwa ia blh brtny bila menghadapi kesulitan yg berhubungan dgn mata plajaran. mngkin tmnny bsa mengajarkanny