The snake is one of the most successful reptiles thrive in the world . In mountains , forests , deserts , plains , farms , neighborhoods , to the sea , may be found snakes . However, as is generally cold-blooded animals , snakes increasingly rare in cold places , such as on the tops of the mountains , in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIreland and New Zealand and the regional areas of snow or polar desert .

Many kinds of snakes all his life wandering in the trees and almost never hit the ground . Many other types of life creeping over the surface of the soil or infiltrate infiltrate under litter or piles of rocks . While most of the other living aquatic or semi - aquatic in rivers , swamps , lakes , and seas .

Snakes prey on various species of animals smaller than her body . Aquatic snakes prey on fish , frogs , tadpoles , fish and even eggs . Snakes and tree snakes prey on terrestrial birds , mammals , frogs , reptiles kinds of others, including its eggs . Large snakes such as pythons and development can prey goats, deer , elk and even humans

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