Contoh: Vionny : Oh My Goodness, Dewi, look at you! Are you sure going to the party in such costume? Dewi : What's wrong with me? It's fashionable, isn't it? I don't doubt going to the party right now. Vionny :  But Dewi, I'm not sure with the skirt design and its color. It doesn't suit to the formal blouse. Besides, your shoes are quite casual. Dewi  : Is it? What should I do then? Vionny : Why don't you change the blouse and perform less formal. Dewi  : That might be a good idea.   Ungkapan "Are you sure…" untuk mempertanyakan kepastian. "I don't doubt …" mengungkapkan ketidak ragu-raguan. ‘I'm not sure…." Mengungkapkan ketidakpastian.
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