Tolong bantuin ngerjain tugas bahasa inggris dong , coz , besok mau di kumpulin ,
1. Mom : it is my get cold
risa : yes , mom not play inside
b. do not play outside
c. do not do anything
d. do not watch the rain
2.. see me this morning
a. comes coming
b. came d. has come
3. when clara saw him , she.........him for his present
a. have thanked c. was thanking
b. thanks d. thanked
4. arka is on vacation he ............. to bali already
a . is going c. went
b . has gone d . was going
5 . simmy : would you like something to eat ?
vini: no , i .............. lunch
a.have c. am having
b. had had d. have just had

thanks before

1.B 2.A 3.C 4.D 5.A
mana yang bener ?


1.B. do not play outside
2.C. is coming
3.C. was thanking
4.D. Was going
5.d. have just had