Liza : Hello Fredi..
Fredi:Hay Liza
Liza:Wow,Nice Shoes!
Fredi:Thank you.
Liza:Your Welcome.

buatin yg bnyak yah . untuk 2 orang
Liza:Hello Fredi..
Liza:Hello Fredi...Have a nice day
Fredi:Have a nice day..
Liza:Wow!nice shoes
Fredi:Thank,Your shoes are also good..
Liza:Thank you
Fredi:where did you buy it?
Liza:in Jakarta
Fredi:Oh, I also bought in Jakarta
Liza:hence, we are equally as nice shoes
Fredi:yeah..shoes made ​​in Indonesia is Good

segitu ga papa??
jangan lupa makasihnya ya.. '_<
Inar : hy sweety, long time no see.
Grevin : Yea, very long time . you look cute with that gown.
Inar : Thanks, you too ! what a nice haircut. I love it.
Grevin : Yea, I try to be more modest. It's new style, isn't it."
Inar : "I guess so. By the way, where is Andi, your boyfriend?
Grevin : "We broke up last month."
Inar : "Ups, sorry!"
Grevin : "Never mind. I'm Okay."