I love my mother and i love my father but i hate dog i like swim , i like fried rice, i like satay ayam but i dont like soto. i can read a book , i can write a short story but i can't swim.in the morning i have to make clean my bedroom, if i don't do it i will get angry from my mom. so i have to do it everyday. if my mom get angry to me, i will be so sad & i will cry :(
I have a sister,I love my sister so much, she is 12 years old.She is a student too,like me.
Now she sits in grade 1 of junior high school.Her hobby are reading novel,cooking,play laptop,and etc.She is so cute.But she can't swim.Because she is scared.But sometimes we fight to other...
we like to go out together...she is my beloved
My name Rina. I live in Sukabumi. I have one sister and two brothers. Now, I want to tell you about them. One of my brother is a baby. He always look cute. My brother and sister like swimming. They always look happy. But they don't like to take a nap. And, it make my mother angry. But, sometimes, they want to help me. Help for what? Sometimes, they help me to clean the house and take care our little brother. And how about your story? I hope you want to tell your story.