I was gonna keep it real like chill like only have a drink or two
But it turned into a party when I started talking to you
Now you're standing in the neon looking like a high I wanna be on
Baby it's your call, no pressure at all
You don't have to throw back your pretty pink lemonade shooter
And lean a little closer
You don't have to keep on smiling that smile that's driving me wild
And when the night is almost over
Meet me in the middle of a moonlit Chevy bench seat
And do a little bit of country song, hanging on
You don't have to keep me falling like this
But it'd sure be cool if you did
You can't shoot me down cause you've already knocked me dead
Got me falling apart with my heart talking out of my head
Let your mind take a little back road just as far as you wanna go
Baby, I'll do, whatever you wanna do, wanna do

artinya apa ya??



Seseorang yang jatuh cinta, sepertinya setelah sebuah pesta.