Please jawab dengan benar yaaa.... jadikan present continous tense
1. Indra is (write) a letter to his uncle
2. Are the boys (pracrise) football?
3. I am not (do) my home work
4. Mr.Ananta is (explain) the lesson
5.are you (serve) the ball correctly?

Please jawab dengan benar yaa



Indra is writing a letter to his uncle
are the boys pracring football
i a. not doing my home work
mr.ananta is explaining the lesson
are you servinh the ball correctly
*semoga membantu*
Thank you sasa
ad slh yg bnr "are the boys pracrising football"
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1.Indra is writing a letter to his uncle
2.Are the boys practissing football?
3.I am not doing my homework
4.Mr.Ananta is explaining the lesson
5.Are you serving the ball correcly?
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