(+) I go to the school everyday
Does your child … to eat all the time? (want)

bisa kasih dalam bentuk cerita gak ? lagi butuh yang bentuk cerita soalnya :D
A truck drives into a petrol station. The driver gets out and speaks to the attendant.
The driver walks across to the coffee shop. A man walks into the petrol station. He looks at the truck.
The man walks over to the coffee shop. He sits down at the driver’s table. He buys him a drink.
The driver gives the man a ride in his truck. They are soon in the country and they see a farmer. Later the man takes out a gun.
*lanjutannya kak
The driver gets out and the man drives the truck away. The driver takes out his knife and throws it at the petrol pipe.
The truck has stopped. The thief cannot make it go again. The police arrive.
makasih kak ;)
samasama kak:)
They watch the movie now.
do they watch the movie now?
yes, they do.