A : good morning!
 b :morning too!
a: have you know that Habib's grandma was die?
b: where you get this news?
a :ani said to me about this news in parking area.
b : last nignt i go to his house, but i felt his grandma is oke.
a : uhm, i dont know about that.
b: but im sorry i'm not sure about that. i'll asked to Habib.
a: of course. im sorry i have promise to attend meeting. see u..
b: see you to

Thanks yaahhh I lafyou :*
haha your welcome
Heheheh :D
kelas berapa kau dek?
Kelas 3 Smp kak, :D
oh ya Add Fb ku kak Ilham afrian wicaksono ;) Kak tinggal dimana?