1.Simple Present Tense
contoh: She is Beautiful

2.Present Continous Tense
He Cooking in the Kitchen

3.Present Perfect Tense
they have met

4.Present Perfect Continous Tense
They have been playing basketball

5.Simple Past Tense
They were Student last year

6.Past Continous Tense
We were riding

7.Past Perfect Tense
I had studying when you come

8.Past Perfect Continous Tense
He had been sleeping when they go to school

9.Simple Future Tense
I will training hard tomorrow

10.Future Perfect Tense
They will be hungry when I come late

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A : Where did you spend your school holiday?
B : I went to Cambodia. How about you?
A : I didn't go anywhere during the school holiday. What places did you visit?
B : I visited Angkor Wat, Royal Palace, Preah Vihear Temple, Bayon, Tuo Sleng Genocide Museum, and other tourist attractions there.
A : Which place did you think the most interesting?
B : It was the Tuo Sleng Genocide Museum.
A : What did you see there?
B : I saw the pictures of the victims who were killed, the weapons that were used, etc. It was really scary.
A : What did you learn?
B : I learnt history of Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime and also moral lessons.
semoga bermanfaat :)))
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Contoh percakapan bahasa inggris menggunakan simple countinous tense ?
bantu dong shellannyy :(
agak ribet kalo mau ngejwbnya lwat kotak komentar haha