Arrange the words into good sentences!

1. colorful-by-costumes-gamelan-are-music-accompanied-and-Dancers-bright-wear
2. performed-at-Barong-sites-dace-now-is-regularly-tourist
3. originated-dance-from-The Kecak-sacred-Sanghyang-the
4.popular-Bali-Barong-from-dance is-very-a
5. watch-Barong-spend-to-Many tourist-dance-usually-the

terima kasih



1. dancers wear bright colorful costumes and are accompanied by gamelan music
2. barong dance is now regulary peformed at tourist sites
3. the kecak dance originated from sacred sanghyang
4. barong is a very popular dance from bali
5. many tourist usually spend the ......... to watch barong dance

yg no. 5 itu yg titik2 harusnya ada sesuatu :v