Ya gimna sih itu caranya

contoh asking for a prmission:
Contoh Kalimat:
I beg you permission to enter the room.
(Artinya: Saya minta izin anda untuk memasuki ruangan)
The teacher gives me permission to go out.
(Artinya: Guru memberi saya izin untuk keluar)

*taunya cuma ini...
Giving Instruction 1 - Class Secrets
Get the group together and ask for a volunteer to leave the room! Once they’ve gone, think of a ‘secret’ about that person, for example, it’s their birthday, or they’re having an affair with the college principal. That kind of thing. When they come back in, they have to guess the secret truth about themselves by asking questions. The rest of the group give clues. A great icebreaker, this one always raises a laugh.
You give the question is not clear!...