The boy was tall and thin figure. Her face is pretty ugly. No one wants to play with her friend. As a result, she is often alone. Sitting on the banks of the river is a habit. Under a shady tree he observed the natural surroundings. And picturing birds flying, trees, rocks and water was talking to him.

But at home, he gets full attention. Understandably, she was the only child. His father was a laborer just shoes, often read stories of 1001 nights every day. Sometimes he brought the boy to watch theatrical performances. So even with his grandmother, he always tells about the fairies in his sleep early. He has become a favorite child. Often because of his affection, his father and his grandmother said that they are descendants of the nobility. When in fact not.

At the time he was 11 years old, the boy had to lose his father. It gives its own psychological impact. He began to concern themselves with making dolls out of wood. But for the sake of seeing her ass off in search of food, he was eager to help. He decided to work in a clothing factory. But a moment later he had to resign again. He could not stand because it is always ridiculed fellow workers. Ugly face that was it. She began to seek his fortune elsewhere to work in a cigarette factory, became weavers and others.

oke makasih yaa, tapi sebelumnya maaf bukannya itu tentang cerita ya? bukan tentang biography? tapi gapapa kok :)
Contoh: My name is Hana. I'm 13 years old. I'm an 8th grader and I study at SMP. I have two sister and one brother. I live with my family at Jakarta. My hobby is reading. My favourite food is fried rice while my favourite drink is orange juice.

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