Giving opinions
1. i think you should do your homework on your own
2. i believe that teacher will be angry if she knows someone else do this homework
3. i'm sure that you can do your homework yourself
4. in my opinion, you must be very stupid because you can't do this easy homework on your own
5. I feel that i shouldn't help you answer this question

asking for opinions
1. do you think i should do this homework on my own?
2. how do you feel if someone sees your homework without your permission?
3. please tell me your opinion if someone cheat on you?
4. what do you think if i punch you in the face right now?
5. do you mind if i date your girlfriend?
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I think ...
I would ...
I feel ...
What do you think about ... ?
What do you feel about ... ?
Wold you like to give your opinion about ... ?