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The Seven Wonders , PETRA

Petra is the lost ancient stone city in Jordan. Petra was first built around 6th century BC, by Nabataean Arabian people. Petra is located 162 miles south of the Jordinian capital Amman. It is famous for water tunnels and stone structures carved in the rock. In 1812 Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burchhardt in 1812 discovered the city that is hidden behind the mountains.

Two thousand years ago, Petra stood at a crossroads of the ancient Near East. Camel caravans passes through, they bought spices, textiles and other things. The people went to Petra city to trade things with others. The Nabataeans people also built monumental tombs to memorize their kings and leaders. They also worship god and godness. They were called Dushara and Al-'Uzza. Dushara was the universal god of Heaven and Al-'Uzza was the goddess of fertility

Years ago, Petra city was strike by an earthquake that destroyed the half of the city. Then, the city was covered with dust and lots of stones. That's why the people called it the lost city.
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