Tentang apa dialog yang kamu maksud ?

popular singer
A: What do you think of one direction?
B: I think is their very famous singer
A: which country they come from?
B: maybe the state English
A: how many of its personnel?
b: personnel consists of 5 people
A: if he is a popular singer in the country?
b: yes, many of those belonging to a fan of his
A: Okay, thanks for the information
Ana : Hy, Rio
Rio : Hello Anna. How are you?
Ana : Oh, I'm fine. How about you?
Rio : I'm fine too. Who she is Ana?
Ana : she is Neyla. She is my new fiend
Rio : Oh hy Neyla. Nice to meet you
Neyla : Hy Rio. Nice to meet you too

jangan di sini
di jawab aja
B : she is also kindly