A : Can you help me to do my Pkn homework?
B : Sure. What do you want to ask?
A : Hmm.. What do you think about fourth Pancasila, that said "Kerakyatan yang dipimpin oleh hikmat kebijaksanaan dalam permusyawaratan perwakilan? What's the example of it?"
B : "I think the example of it is when we want to choose leader in our class, we have to do it with "musyawarah"/ discussion that will get a "mufakat" /agreement in all of the members .. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
A : Ohh.. yes , I understand . Thank you so much
B : You are welcome
A:do you understand what mrs lina says?
B:no , i mean yes but little! can u teach me about that?
A:sure, no problem
B:what mean about this ??
A:its mean you must make a phargraph freedom of indonesia
B:oh ,thanks
A:your wellcome!!!!