A : you look beautiful today
B : thank you
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A: HEY B,you look cool.Where are going?and your perfume smell fragrant
B:HEY A,ouhh I wanna going to mall with my girl friend,wow your jacket is so awesome,whr do you buy?
A:this? My mother bought is for me from paris
B: wow,incredible.did your mother visit paris for a long time?
A:no,just two weeks. I heard you got A in you exam?
A:wow,you are so smart!!!!! I have to go right now. May be we can chat again by phone.
B: Yeah no problem!!
A : hay B!
B : oh. hello A. where are you going?
A : i'm going to see my sick friend on yhe hospital. you look beautiful today. where are you going?
B : i want to go to my nephew's birthday. you're beautiful too today.
A : thank you. wich way are you going to?
B : the right way. you?
A : the left way. okay see you later B.
B : see you later.

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