A : Hi there. You look troubled. What happen?
B : Hi too. It's just that I am disappointed of myself because my English is really bad. No matter how hard I try, my English is still not improving at all. Do you have any advice to improve my English skill?
A : Hmmm, you can take English tutorial if you want to.
B : But it's really tiring to take tutorial after school.
A : Maybe you can learn English together with your classmates, especially those who are good in English. Well, I can teach you English too. Besides that, try to often read English books and search in the dictionary if there are words that you don't understand. Then, you can also watch English movies and listen to English songs. I hope my advice will be effective for you.
B : I will try to do those things you have mentioned. Yeah, we can find some time, like during break time to study English together. Thank you so much!
A : Yeah, sure. You are welcome.
semoga bermanfaat :)))