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Apologize :
father: Leung Wei, did you break that glass?
Leung Wei: Yes I did i am verry sorry
Father: That quite all right

Mother: Santo, have you bought me some sugar?
Santo: I am sorry, Mom I Forgot
Mother: Never Mind
Sania : Hey , good morning Tina !
Tina : good morning Sania.. what are you doing here?
Sania : I want to bike my bicycle ... and what do are you doing here?
Tina : I wanna go to the library.. I'm very interested to read all books there..
Sania : Wow ! have you ever found such as a great story book?
Tina : Yeah, I found "Cinderella" story and some more.. Those stories are very good to read.
Sania : Hmmm... seems its very interesting.. I want to join to be a member, so I can borrow book.
Tina : Yeah, beside the story book, there is very many of science books, math books, language books , and i think every category books are there...and because of it, I like reading...
Sania : That's great Tina!
Tina : Hmmm.. what about your hobby?
Sania : My hobby is playing keyboard and watching movie.
Tina : Wow, my hobby is watching movie too... What's your favorite one?
Sania : I like Anime .what about you? ^_^
Tina : Great.. I like horror movie..
Sania : I like horror movie too..one of my favorite horror movie is the conjuring.
Tina : Hmmm... okay Sania.. I'm sorry I have to go now, I'm afraid that the library will close now.
Sania : Well, allright Tina.. See you soon
Tina : See you soon