A: I wanna buy that shoe, should I take it?
B: Sure why not, go ahead and choose
A: I think I'll take the green one here
B: Mmm no, i think that the red one over there suits you best
A: Are you certain about it?
B: Yeah why not, I always choose the best for you girl

A: What do you know about the event that occur this evening mam?
B: All i know is that it was big and pitch black, it was terrorizing the whole neighbourhood. And i know that's got to be Lizzie
A: Do you know who might own Lizzie?
B: It's Debbie, she lives across
A: Okay then, now I'm about to go to Debbie's and ask her some question regarding your accusation, so you stay here
B: Yes sir absolutely

A: Can you stop talking? We're in the library!
B: Okay okay sorry, i didn't know i was that loud
A: Just ssshh okay?
B:... Okay

A: Wow! Where did you find this?
B: It was in the middle of nowhere, I just sort of picking it up you know
A: This could possibly be the missing pieces of shards you know
B: Are you sure?
A: I don't know, well let's bring it to the lab then
B: Kay

A: B, I think we're stuck
B: What is it?
A: Just take a look
B: You're right, it's impossible to get through this cliff. Maybe we should take it around instead.
A: Ya sure that sounds good, more adventure coming eh
B: Yeah, let's go!
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