Yo're having a problem with migraines, right? It (1)..... when people have a lot of problems or when (2) ...... cannot get things done. Why don't you just (3) ..... your life? Don't get stressed, (4) ..... your problems with someone close to you. Perhaps they can (5) ..... you. Remember, don't push (6) ..... to do something out of your limits. One more thing, you have to get (7) ...... sleep and eat regularly.
Hope your (8) ..... will go away. Otherwise, go to see the (9) ...... to consult him about your (10) ......

isi titik-titik yg ada angka nya.. minta tolong ya



Jawaban paling cerdas!
1) happens
2) they
3) live
4) tell
5) help
6) yourself
7) some
8) migraines
9) doctor

maaf ya kalau ada yang salah. glad to help.
nomor 3, kalau aku enjoy^^ sama yg nomor 7 kalau aku enaugh^^
iyasih itu juga bisaa
iyaaa.. makasih banyak yaaa ;)... aku setres banyak banget soalnya... pusing... aku udh kurikulum baru --"