A : Hey you ! Little brat !
B : Y-Yes, is i do w-wrong ?
A : Yesterday you does not Give me money !
B : I j-just have some money...
A : I Don't care ! just give me all your money !
B : B-but i...
A : Arggh (sambil narik) just give me You Fu**ing brat !
B : Yes, Yes, Yes. Here 10.000...
A : What ?!? just 10.000 ??
B : B-But that's all my money...
A : Arggh (sambil ngambil uangnya) you'ill pay more next time little brat ! (pergi)
B : Y-Yes, T-thanks
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A : "What? Who is she ?"
B : "She is my new friend"
A : "Look, What a disgusting she is! She is very ugly .. Her clothes is very cheap and dark skin."
B : "Don't be arrogant ! You may can say that but She is very kind girl."
A : "What?! you must be kidding to have a friend like her."
C : "Oh B... I'm sorry . I have to go home.. I think I can't have a party in your home."
B : "No, please.. don't worry, C . A is wrong, not you."
A : "Ugghhh so disgusting you were, B ! I don't like to join your party.. I want to go home"
B : "Don't worry C.. she has just left. You are still my best friend"
C : "Thank you so much.. I really happy yo have a friend like you ." ^_^
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