1. Hey siti, _______________________ go star gazing tonight.
a. are you c. shall them
b. how about d. would you like to

2. Sam : " Would you like to go watch a movie this weekend?"
Carly: " I Can't, I am low on cash right now." ___________________ stay at
a. how about c. What about
b. Let's d. I think

3. What Shall we do today ? ____________________ we go to the library
a. Shall I c. Why don't
b. Let's d. Would you

4. _____________________ like a cup coffe?
a. Can I c. Would you
b. I'll do d. should I

5. _____________________ the wasting, if you like.
a. Can I c. I'll do
b. Would you d. Let's

6. Edo: "I Have a lot of work to finish; I don't know how I will manage."
Sam :_____________________ half of it if you want
a. Would you c. Why don't
b. I think d. I will help you with

7. Carly: "I submitted my essay to the teacher few days ago, but I haven't received any response from her."
Edo: _________________go and ask her?
a. Shall us c. Why don't you
b. I'll do d. I Propose

8. _______________________ get you a drink?
a. Would you c. Can I
b. Why dont you d. I'LL do

9. Aisya : "I am so thirsty."
Annie:__________________________ get you something to drink?
a. How about c. Why don't
b. What about d. Can I

10. _____________________ like me to clean your car?
a. How about c. Would you
b. Let's d. I think