Bill : Tom, where is my phone? 
Tom : I don't know, Bill. 
Bill : Are you joking, Tom? I saw you take my phone from my table! 

Tom : No I don't take it, Bill. I don't take your phone. I don't want to take your phone anyway. 
Bill : Then who takes my phone? 

Tom : I think it's the maid. I saw her opening my locker multiple times. I also saw her rummaging my desk on the other day. Maybe you should ask her before accusing me. 
Bill : All right then. I will keep my eye on you though.

A: Hey you!

B: Me?

A: Yes, you are.

B: What? Why do you look so mad?

A: Yes! Because you stole my homework!

B: Are you blaming me?

A: Yes, I am. I blaming you! that's true!

B: No! You're wrong! I didn't stole your homework

A: don't lying to me!

B: I'm not lying! I said the true!

A: Really?

B: Of course! your homework borrowed by Tina

A: How did you know that?

B: Because I saw it

A: Oh my god. I'm really sorry.

B: its okay, my friend

A: thank you

B: anytime