Plants are living beings. They need food, water, and air for survival. Plants derive their food from the earth and the air. If you at their roots, you will find that’s the ends of these roots are like fine fibers. We call them root hairs. They absorb water and minerals, then transport them upwards to the leaves through the trunk and the branches. It is the leaves which prepare the food. The green material, chlorophyll present in the leaves prepare the food like a machine. It converts the carbon dioxide from the air and water from the ground into sugar with the help of sunlight. This chemical reaction is called photosynthesis. In fact, the chlorophyll takes energy from the sunlight and uses it to synthesize the hydrogen from water and carbon from carbon dioxide for making sugar. This reaction also gives out oxygen and water which are excreted by the leaves.
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Example of description of plants is cactus.

Description of cactus Cactus is one of plants who has a unique characteristic. Cactus is a plant have a thorn, the thorn of cactus is individualty from cactus it’s causes there are many people like cactus, cactus have a green colour, cactus have a round shape, other characteristic of cactus is cactus needn’t flush everyday, cactus just need a sunlight to living on. Unique Shape of cactus is reason of people like cactus. That’s all about my description about cactus.

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