Check someone's understanding:
A: Do You understand of what seĀ  said?
B: Yes, she said that we should speak english in our english class.

A: Do you know i mean?
B: yes, sir

A: Do you understand the text?
B: i'm trying mam

A: Do you understand what the teacher ask to do?
B: We should use english in our english class.

Ask and Give opinion:
A: what do you think of the picture?Beni did it well, didn't he?
B: yes, he did. it's very beautiful

A: the meal is not delicious is that how you say it?
B:i don't think so it's nice

A: what do you think? is english easy or difficult?
B: i think it's easy. i love english

A: he is a diligent student. don't you think so?
B: yes, he did. he is diligent and smart too.
bisa yang 4 orang ga
udin:good morning rian,what are you doing rian,it danger dono:yeah it danger if you not be carefull it will cut your hair yuli:rian is crazy,i dont understand what he will doing rian:i dont stupid i just want to cut my hair but i not be carefull
sorry jelek