A : excuse me sir!
B : yes
A : May I have your time for a moment?
B : yes of course
A : where do you come from?
B : I'm from Italy
A : ow really? how amazing!
B : you know huh? thanks anyway
A : yes of course I do. you're welcome anyway, what's on your mind about this beach?
B : this is one of the beautiful places that I've ever visited
A : I think so. ok thanks for your time. nice to meet ya
B : nice to meet you too
Dina: Excuse me sir, would you take a picture with me?
tourist: oh of course ..
dina: but lord we took pictures while surfing, how?
tourists: well if that's what you want
dina: okay thanks

maaf jika jawaban saya apa adanya, & maaf juga jika anda tidak puas dengan jawaban saya :)