Greeting and Leave Takings Ø Good morning / afternoon Ø Hi, Hello! Ø How are you today? Ø How’s life Ø Goodbye; bye; see you later Ø Good night Ø Fine, well, etc
B.    Introduction §  Self introduction Ø I’d like to introduce my self My name is _____ / I am _____ Ø Let me introduce my self My name is _____ / I am _____ Ø Allow me to introduce my self My name is _____ / I am _____ Ø My (first / last) name is _____ Please call me _____
§  Introducting someone to someone else Ø This is Mr. Smith, our new manager Ø I want you to meet William, a new student Ø I’d like to introduce my friend, William
C.    Thanking / Gratitude Ø Thank you Ø Thank you very much Ø My thanks; thanks a lot Ø I am very grateful to you Ø Special thank goes to …..
D.   Permission §  Asking for permission Ø May I _____ ? Ø Could I _____ ? Ø Can I _____ ? Ø Is it ok if I _____ ? Ø Do you allow me to _____ ? Ø Do you mind if I _____ ?
§  Giving permission Ø Yes, please ! Ø Yes go a head ! Ø It’s ok; no proble; it’s all night! Ø Not at all*) *) Answering the question using “Do you mind if I _____ ?”
E.    Request and Commands Ø Could you _____ ? Ø Can You _____ ? Ø Would you mind _____ ? Ø Would you like to _____ ? Ø Sit down ! Ø Come here ! Ø Could you do me a favor ?
F.    Possibility and Impossibility §  Possibility Ø Perhaps; maybe; it’s likely that Ø It’s possible / probable that _____ Ø There’s possibility that / there’s good chance _____
§  Impossibility Ø There’s no chance that _____ Ø There’s very little chance _____ Ø Impossible! / Npchance !
G.   Wants and Need Ø If you want to drink a cup coffee, what do you need ? Ø I need a cup, a saucer, sugar, tea, spoon, coffee and hot water Ø Do you want coffee or tea ? Ø Do we need to come ? Ø This machine needs mending _____
H.   Apology §  Asking for apology Ø I am sorry Ø I am really sorry Ø I am terribly sorry Ø I am extremely sorry Ø I am awfully sorry Ø Please forgive me ! Ø Sorry for
§  Answering apology Ø Never mind; no problem; it’s ok; it doesn’t matter Ø Forget it !
I.      Sympathy Ø I am sorry to hear that Ø I am afraid to hear that Ø Oh poor you / what a pity Ø That’s too bad Ø That’s bad luck Ø Please accept my heartfeit condolences Ø You have my deepest sympathy at this difficult time
J.     Capability and Incapability §  Capability Ø I can _____ Ø I am able to _____ Ø I am capable of _____
§  Incapability Ø I can’t _____ Ø I am unable to _____ Ø I am incapable of _____ Ø I don’t think I can
K.    Offering Help Ø May I help you ? / Can I help you ? Ø Is there anything I can do for you ? Ø Anything I can do ? Ø Do you need my hand ? Ø Perhaps I could assist you in some way
L.     Invitation §  How to invite : Ø Would you like to come to _____ ? Ø Would you mind coming to _____ ? Ø I wonder if you could come to _____ ? Ø Do you fancy coming to _____ ? Ø Do you feel like coming to _____ ?
§  How to accept invitation : Ø It sounds nice / interesting Ø I’d love to Ø That’s great !
§  How to refuse invitation politely : Ø It sounds nice / interesting but _____ Ø I’d love to but I’m afraid I can’t _____ Ø Thanks for the invitation but I am afraid I can’t because ______
M. Giving Advice Or Suggestion Ø You should _____ Ø You ought to _____ Ø You’d better _____ Ø It’s better for you to _____ Ø Why don’t you _____ ?
N.   Certainty and Uncertainty §  Certainty Ø I am sure / certain / conviced _____ Ø I bet _____ / no doubt / of course sure !
§  Uncertainty Ø I am not sure / certain _____ Ø I can’t say thet for certain. Ø I doubt it / I am doubtful _____ Ø It depends on _____
O.   Opinion Ø What do you think of _____ ? Ø What’s your opinion about _____ ? Ø In my opinion …… Ø I think _____ / I guess _____ / I think so !
P.    Agreement and Disagreement §  Agreement Ø I agree … / I am with you Ø That’s all right / it’s good idea Ø I don’t have any objection
§  Disagreement Ø I don’t agree with you Ø I have different opinion Ø I have objection to _____ Ø Objection !
kalo"fine,thank you,and you?"masuk kategori apa?
Mr. Hendarto : Good afternoon, Mr. Anggara. How are you?Mr. Anggara : Very well. Thank you. How are you?Mr. Hendarto  : I’m fine, too. How is your family?Mr. Anggara : They are fine. Thank you. How’s business?Mr. Hendarto : It’s going up this year. Thanks.Mr. Anggara : Glad to hear that. Oh, there comes Mr. Bawono, Sorry, I have to see him.