X : I want to buy this shoe
y : are you really?
x : yes I'm sure

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In the classroom   
Dewi      :  Hi, Nesty what if today we do the english conversation task ?
   Nesty     :  I'm agree. How if we do it at my home ?   
Zakaria  :  Do everyone agree ?
Bagas    :  The english conversation task should be completed today.
   Novi       :  Right Bagas, we must finish it today because tomorrow that task will be submitted.   
Faisal     :  OK. I will come at 3 PM.

At Nesty's house   
Novi       :  Asalamu'alaikum.
Nesty     :  Wa'alaikumsalam. Come here my friends !
Dewi      :  Terima Kasih.
Nesty     :  I will make some drinks OK !
Bagas    :  OK, there is no need, Nesty.

Zakaria  :  Guys, yesterday I watched on the news, in China there are two human bee.
Dewi      :  Me too.
 Bagas    :  Are you sure about it ?
Faisal     :  I'm not really sure about the news.
Dewi      :  They named Lu Kongjiang 20 years old and Wang Dalin 42 years old.
Novi       :  Why are they called the humans bee ?
Zakaria  :  Because their whole body covered with hundreds of thousands of bee.
Faisal    :  I'm still not sure about the news.
 Novi      :   Why don't you try to get the truth ?
Faisal    :  OK. I will try to get the truth.
 Nesty    :  The drink's coming, here you're guys.
Bagas   :  Thank you.

After several hours then  
 Dewi      :  Finish.
 Novi       :  Tomorrow we will submit this task.
 Zakaria  :  OK, I will go home.
 Bagas    :  Me too.
 Faisal     :  So do I yeah...
 Nesty     :  OK, see you later at school friends.
 All          :  OK, Bye...