Teacher : Attention please! Attention Please!
Students : Yes Ma'am
Teacher : B! Look at me! Do you would stop doing that please? Are you ready to learn?
B : Im sorry ma'am. Yes i a'm
Teacher : Okay. Are we all ready to learn english?
Students : Yes ma'am
A: Hey! May I have  your atten tion  please?
B: Yes, why?
A: Bella what do you think about my shoes?
B: It'cute anabelle, I like it!
A: Bella, look my dress, it's cute.do you think so bella?
B:Yes, I think so!
A: Bella, I have a cat,it's very cute  and I like it. Bella! Do you understand of what I said?
B: Oh! I'm sorry annabelle
A: Oh, ok no problem
B: Ok, see you bell
A: See you too

Semoga membantu ;) Maaf ya kalo ada yang salah