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Birds pigeons

Dove is one of the most successful animals in the world, because this type of bird found throughout parts of the world except Antarctica. In areas Boja, dove coexist with humans as pets.

Including pigeon-sized bird. The length of this bird between 20 cm to 30 cm and weigh between 700 grams to 900 grams. Even in the village ever encountered Puguh dove with a weight of up to nearly 1 kg.

Pigeons have a variety of colors, such as brown, white, black, or a mix of these colors. Pigeons have some kind of sensor in the nose that is used to recognize the smell of the house, this can cause the dove home after his house fly away. The food of this bird is bleak grains, corn, rice, green beans, and so forth. Even in areas Boja pigeons being used to eat grain in drying by farmers.

In Boja live pigeons in the nest berbetuk beam with a square hole as a door. The dove's nest is often called pagupon. Pagupon usually taped to the walls of the house owner pigeons. This bird is a bird that is easy to maintain, no wonder at Boja very easy in pigeons encounter.

Pigeons can also be used in the race, such as race or beauty contest pigeons. But that is often found in Boja is belapan. Racing is usually done on a straight trajectory or flown remotely. In this case that is used for pigeon racing is male, while the female pigeons only for bait only. Pigeons can recognize each partner is, because that birds including pigeons faithful to her partner.

Dove population in Indonesia is very large, but most birds are pet pigeons in Indonesia. The presence of wild pigeons is very little, maybe this is due to habitat loss due to the rapid development pigeons. Pigeons should be in the preserve, so that our grandchildren can see the dove directly, not just the story of his parents.