Contoh dialog bahasa inggris yang di dalam nya ada : expresson to show attention, expresson to show admiration,to ask for and express,express certainly,to express and to doubt expressing doubt, responding to doubt (please cepet yaa buat tugas)



Teacher : Attention please... We have a new classmate. Yui, please introduce yourself to your new friends !"
Yui : Hi guys.. my name is Yui. I'm from Japan. My hobby is playing piano.. thank you.
Betty wondered and talk to Caroline.
Betty : "Hey , look ! Didn't she was a pianist in Opera house yesterday?"
Caroline : "I'm certainly think That's true .. "
Sania : "Really? no, that's wrong.."
Betty : "Alright, Sania.. whatever you say.. but I think she was the pianist in Opera house yesterday. She sight-reads well."
Caroline : "Yes Betty ..and What a great pianist ! "