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1. invitation card tentang housewarming party

2. create short dialogue based on situation of "housewarming parrty". you plan to invite your English teacher to join you and your classmate. she agrees to join.

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                       You're invited
                              to a
                   House Warming party

                      Our new place
          Come and join us to the party!
      The Occasion: A Housewarming Party!
   The Place: 10, Main Street, Beside The Garden
      The Date:  Friday, Desember 2014
         The Time: 8.00 in the evening

          Look forward to seeing you...

2. Dialognya :

You : Good morning, ma'am!
Teacher : Oh, hello Gina! Why you called me?
You : ehm... about it. I would like to invite ma'am to come to my house warming party. Would you come to my party, ma'am? That would be ossom!
Techer : Sure, Gina! I would come to your party! Where is it?
You : Beside the garden, ma'am!  Here are the invitation. 
Teacher : Thank you, Gina for invited me to come.