Assalamualaikum wr wb.
and good afternoon
The Honourable mothers and fathers who are present in this place
      first of all I would like say thank to the Almighty God who has given us a good healt so we can join in this nice place.
      The second time, do not forget I said thank to the our Prophet Muhammad Saw had brought us from the realm of darkness into the lightness
In addition, I would like say thank to the audience for allowing me to deliver my speech with the theme of keeping the environment clean
well, my beloved brothers and sisters
     Keeping the environment clean is a way and the actions we can do to be able to obtain the beauty and the beauty of the environment, other than that if we always keep the environment around us, our environment will be maintained and healthy so that we can all farthest from various diseases.
A healthy environment would be more fun and comfortable to live in the neighborhood of a dirty  filled with garbage strewn everywhere.
My beloved brothers and Sisters
     We have seen so many benefits that can be obtained if we keep the environment clean, therefore we as a society that cares about the environment, let us together to preserve the environment around us to look comfortable and cool in the view
and always a pleasant environment.
My beloved Brothers and Sisters
    So what can I say, if there are sentences that are less pleasing to you, I apologize, because there is no ivory that is not going to crack and there would be no human beings make mistakes.
thank you for your attention and wasalamualaikum wr wb.