Suppose you are teacher. you need to draw the students attention because you will give them an assignment. you ask them to go outside and observe their surrounding. after that, they are supposed to describe what they have observed. how would the conversation go ?

ini disuruh ngapain?Klo cuma nerjemahin gampang!
buat dialog tapi dari meminta perhatian, mengecek pemahaman, meminta pendapat, sampai memuji udah


Student: Teacher we had finished our observation about the surroundings in here. 
Teacher: oh that's really nice! What observations you kids saw?
s : We saw plants that were planted since 5 years ago. We were told by the cleaning officer who worked here since this school was built. Then we saw ..................... (bikin sendiri ya, yg penting setiap kata verb pake verb 3 ya soalnya mereka kan ceritaiin ulang berarti observasi mereka sudah bisa dikatakan past kan? :3 )
Teacher : very well, i really like how you kids observed the surroundings in here. Now you can submit your observation in my desk.