A : Hey, u look so serious. What’s the matter ?B : Oh.., i’m just thinking about somethingA : What is it about ?B : I’m thinking that i’m gonna hold a x’mas party in our class in this yearA : Wow, sounds great !B : Really ? U think so ?A : Yeah. But what’s the purpose of that party ?B : I’m just thinking that’s the best idea to gathering all of our class members during the x’mas eve this yearA : I think it would be nice if we also make an event, like change our present to our friendsB : Ok. Now, i need to have permission from head master. I need his permit to use our class room on x’mas eve and talk to our mother class to ask her to come and participate in that partyA : is there anything that i could do ?B : we also need to make permission’s letter to give to our parents. It would be helpful if u make it.A : sure. With my pleasure