Congraulating- Mengucapkan Selamat

Roby : Happy Birthday! Miss Yuli!
Yuli : Thanks, Roby and Everyone. How did you found my birthdate?
Lia: Mr.Edward told us!
Yuli: I see. 
Lia: Miss, here is the cake!
Roby: Blow the candles!
Yuli: *Blows* 
Roby: YAY!!
Lia: No TEST!!!

Congratulation Roby for making it into GCU. 
We wish you all the best!
Your Parents & Siblings
Congratulating = kalimat yang memberi ucapan selamat.
contoh : 
ana : congratulation siska. you've got the first rank on our class.
siska : thank you ana. you're smart too. don't be so hard to your self.
ana : thank you too siska.